Could A Sculpture Elevate Your Garden?

If you’ve spent a lot of time in your garden in recent months and feel as though you need to do a bit more to revamp it or bring a little something extra to the space, but don’t feel as though you want to go down the route of full-scale landscaping, could a sculpture be the solution?

An article for The Week recently highlighted ten ways to improve your home and garden without significant disruption and, when it comes to outdoor spaces, one of the recommendations is to explore the use of sculptures.

It also noted that there are plenty of options, from life-size sculptures of animals such as deer, to much smaller options if you don’t have such a large garden.

You could also consider installing a water feature or even a sundial if you’d like to introduce a new focal point to one part of your garden, the publication suggested.

To get a decoration that’s personal to you and your family, you could commission a stone sculptor in Canterbury, or wherever you live, to create a piece that fits in with your garden and your design preferences.

Real Homes also recently offered some suggestions on how you can make an impact in your garden with some simple design tips.

Among its suggestions are to plant a green wall, but to put this in a large frame, and to add trees to your garden if you don’t currently have any planted, as these can provide a lovely focal point.

Another tip you may want to embrace is using repeat planting to draw the eye in a particular direction, maybe to the new stone sculpture you’ve added to your outdoor space?