How Long After Someone Dies Is Their Funeral Usually Held?

When someone passes away, one of the first questions people ask is when the funeral is going to be held. Although these used to be just a few days after the death, it is now not uncommon to wait up to three weeks before loved ones can say their goodbyes to the deceased. 

Among the reasons why it is typical to wait around a couple of weeks before a funeral is due to limited availability of the funeral director, who usually only works on weekdays. 

These ceremonies also tend to happen in the morning, so people who are travelling have enough time to get there and back. Therefore, if the funeral director has a full schedule, it can be difficult to find a slot. 

There might also be an inquest into the death of the person, which means it can take longer for the body to be released so it can be buried or cremated. 

According to a recent report from Dignity, the average time between passing away and having a funeral has gone from ten days to more than three weeks in the last 20 years. 

There are some advantages to having to wait longer for the funeral, including being able to choose everything you need for the burial or cremation without feeling rushed. 

Loved ones can also start to think about what they want engraved on their headstone or memorial. It can take some time to come up with the right inscription, so it helps not to feel pressurised. 

It also gives organisers more time to personalise the ceremony, choosing the music that the deceased would have liked, ordering the catering, and picking any readings that remind people of them.