Plans In Reading For Memorial For PC Harper

A resident of the Reading suburb Woodley has drummed up support on social media for plans to create a memorial to the late PC Andrew Harper, who was tragically killed on duty in August last year.

Jacqueline Kendrick-Harley from Woodley initially posted on Facebook about the idea to memorialise the fallen police officer, on 2 August, and the idea has gained momentum, reports the Reading Chronicle.

Three men were found guilty of his manslaughter and were sentenced on 31 July, but the Attorney General’s Office has confirmed on 4 August it has received a request to review the sentences.

Ms Kendrick-Harley said that loss of life is always a tragedy, and to lose a public servant in the line of duty reminds everyone of the job that the police do.

“The whole story has touched a lot of people and with lockdown, I feel that people are actually realising how important family, friends and all our public servants are. This has truly touched a lot of hearts,” she said.

Her Facebook post about creating a suitable memorial has proven very popular with Woodley residents, with many comments supporting the idea.

Ms Kendrick-Harley added that her cousin is a stonemason in Wales, and would be honoured to create something for the people pot the town.

She said she has contacted Cllr Keith Baker from Woodley Town Council, who in return has asked her to present some ideas and designs to the council. She hopes that, upon approval, it could be placed in the Woodley Community Garden.

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