Top Tips For Commissioning A Custom Stone Garden Sculpture

Stone garden sculptures can add character and individuality to your outdoor space, providing a focal point or a counterpoint to foliage and flowers. The beauty of a manmade piece of art stimulates the imagination and is a perfect way to complement the natural qualities of your garden.

If you are looking for some guidance and inspiration for commissioning a stone sculptor to create a bespoke piece of garden artwork, here are some tips and suggestions.

Decide on the style and theme of your sculpture

Maybe you have a very definite idea in mind, or are open to suggestions. If you are undecided, browse online or visit public gardens with examples of stone sculptures for inspiration. Consider how well your chosen design will harmonise with the rest of your garden.

For example, an abstract or geometric design may fit in well with a more formal garden of a modern home, while a more figurative or classical design might suit a period property. Consider if the size and scale of the sculpture is appropriate for the proportions of your garden, how it will relate to the other features, and how it will look from different angles.

Integration with other features

You may wish to consider combining the sculpture with another stonework feature, such as a seating arrangement, a plant container, a water cascade or fountain, a sundial, or a bird bath. 

Select your stone sculptor

Finding the right artist is crucial to the success of your project. Research online, seek recommendations, and visit shows and exhibitions. Sometimes the best artists may not have a strong online presence but are best discovered by word of mouth or getting out and about in your local area.

Look at the previous work of the artist if you can, or seek testimonials from previous clients. Does their work align with your goals and personal preferences? If you like what you see, reach out to the artist with your ideas. It’s important that they are interested in the project and sympathetic to your own style and vision. 

Budget and timescale

If you feel comfortable after an initial meeting with your sculptor, then it’s important to discuss your budget so you can both know what to expect and you don’t waste further time if your price points are misaligned. Be clear about cost and timescale expectations from the outset. 

Materials and installation

Your sculptor will work with you to finalise the design with sketches or computer aided tools. They will also discuss the most appropriate type of stone to use for the design, location, and durability of the sculpture. During the carving process, they may keep you updated on the progress if you wish.

Finally, they will discuss details such as site preparation, delivery and installation of the sculpture.