Top Tips For Renovating Stone Buildings

Whether you have an old stone outbuilding that’s seen better days, or are considering buying a stone property that needs some TLC, it’s good to get advice about how to bring these kinds of buildings back to their best.

The Irish Independent recently offered some advice about how you should approach this kind of project.

It recommended following the guiding principle of “as little work as possible and as much work as necessary”. If you have a building that is protected under conservation regulations, it’s essential to engage a specialist with experience of this sort of renovation.

The publication also advised anyone who is planning this kind of project to “become familiar with other buildings like yours” before you get started.

This can help you get a good understanding of the types of materials you can use in your renovation and about the aesthetic qualities you should embrace to ensure it’s in keeping with its time period.

It’s also important to consider how you can retrofit older properties to make them more energy efficient. An article for Energy Live News recently revealed that the Green Alliance is calling on the government to remove the 20 per cent VAT charged on renovation projects to encourage more people to renovate and retrofit the existing building stock in the country.

The think tank also wants the government to invest £300 million in energy-efficient retrofits on existing buildings across the UK.

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