Why A Sculpture Is A Special Feature To Have In The Garden

As the weather starts to brighten up, people will want to spend more and more time in their garden. To make it an inviting place to be, where you can enjoy sitting in the sunshine and taking in the surrounding views, why not order a bespoke garden sculpture?

Firstly, it provides a focus point that draws everyone’s attention and where seats can be centred around. 

It also reinforces the sense of space, particularly if you design a sculpture that reflects and makes a statement about the place. 

Sculptures can also help connect the home and garden. You can create a design that ties the two together for a more unified sense of space.

It also helps to create an indoor-outdoor connection, especially if you place a sculpture directly in front of a large window. As long as it fits in with the house’s architecture and complements its furnishings, it would look great from the inside as well as from the outside. 

Homeowners who have had their garden professionally landscaped to incorporate a theme will be able to add a sculpture that reinforces this. Choosing one that fits in with the design of the garden, whether it is a Mediterranean courtyard or a zen Japanese garden, helps to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space.

Sculptures can also be thought-provoking, inviting visitors to think or feel something from deep within, whether they have been inspired by nature, art, or history. 

For instance, a certain structure might remind some of a loved one they have lost; a curved stone sculpture could evoke memories of waves crashing on the shores; or two statues wrapped around each other could encourage feelings of love.